Lena Scarshield


Lena Scarshield is a female half-orc and member of Swynfield’s city guard. She is well known for taking bribes and favors in exchange for turning a blind eye to lesser crimes like theft and disorderly conduct, and is rumored to be involved with the Ravenwatch. Although she is frequently reprimanded by her superiors and distrusted by her fellow guardsmen, Lena’s continued career is all but assured thanks to her exceptional combat prowess and her extensive network of underworld contacts, collected over a decade of living on the streets as a child.

No one is quite sure where Lena got the name “Scarshield” from, since she exclusively uses a massive polearm and vehemently insists that shields are for cowards. If asked about the name she either angrily changes the subject or knocks the questioner off their feet, depending on how much she cares about the individual in question. Veteran guardsmen would previously trick their rookie companions into asking Lena about the name as a sort of initiation; the black eyes and broken jaws became common enough for the captain to take action, and any inquiries about the name’s origin are now officially prohibited.

The party met Lena when they first set out in search of work. Rhys and Ricken, having made her acquaintance previously, turned to her in search of leads. She directed the PCs to a bounty posting on a local pirate crew, the Black Tide, who were wanted for raiding multiple merchant ships along the coast and were suspected to be using Freywall Cove as their base of operations. Ricken almost immediately altered the document to indicate that the pirates were also wanted for murder, in order to convince Nalima to aid them in their quest. When the party returned from the Cove, Lena was one of the guards present when they turned in what they thought to be the pirate leader’s head to Captain Reistel.

During the fire that swept through Swynfield, the party attempted to flee from the fallen city by heading to the docks, only to find that the last ship was moments away from leaving port. Lena was one of the people on board and called for the ship to hold, allowing the party to board and sail to safety.

Lena Scarshield

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