Captain Albery Reistel


The prestigious Reistel family has lived in Swynfield since its foundation nearly two centuries ago. Already wealthy and influential when the city was still in its infancy, generous donations to various public works ensured that they rose to the highest echelons of Swynfield’s elite. Among the facilities funded primarily (or even entirely) by the Reistels are the Stormspiral College, the public city library, and the Rosa Memorial Park, named after the late Rosa Reistel. They are also known to hold regular charity events for several orphanages, halfway houses, and research ventures.

Albery Reistel joined the city watch at the technically illegal age of 14, following directly in the footsteps of his father Gregor Reistel, who famously perished during the Battle of Three Wyrms after successfully defending the city from the red dragon Ninathryx. He rose quickly through the ranks, and gained a reputation among the citizenry as a fair and open-minded man who always ensures that the punishment fits the crime. Since being promoted to Captain of the City Guard, Swynfield has enjoyed a marked decline in violent crime.

The party met Captain Reistel when they sought information on the Black Tide pirates, for whom there was a public bounty. Reistel explained that the pirates attack only at night and that none of the surviving victims could provide an accurate description of their attackers, exacerbating efforts to capture the criminals, and that they were believe to make short at Freywall Cove, although past attempts to intercept them there had met with failure. When the party returned to Swynfield with what they thought to be the pirate captain’s head, it was Reistel that payed out the bounty and took the grisly evidence.

Later, the party ran into Captain Reistel again at the guard barracks on their way to take the two wounded members of the archaeology expedition to a healer. The third surviving archaeologist, who had previously witnessed Yasen feeding on his colleague, attempted to convince the guards that the mysterious stranger was a vampire. After the dhampir briefly attempted to flee, he and his allies were taken in for questioning. A few quick lies from Nalima ensured that the poor man’s tale was written off as the ravings of a lunatic, and the party walked away free. The understandably frustrated archaeologist was taken into custody after he refused to calm down.

Weeks after that, when Nalima and Ricken had returned from eliminating the real Black Tide pirates, they uncovered a plot by a man named Jimmy to recapture the recently freed slaves and sell or trade them to persons unknown. After a brief skirmish with Jimmy’s associates, the party turned the would-be slavers over to Captain Reistel at the guard barracks.

After boarding the ship in the escape from the burning city, the party found Captain Reistel at the helm. He obviously knows how to pilot a ship, but it is unclear if he has ever actually captained a vessel or if he is simply familiar with the job.

Captain Albery Reistel

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